Flying Magi-wha?

The disconnect between what people think technology can do and what it can actually do can get pretty large. In the long, long ago, I read someone say that when people ask for ridiculous things, you should just add, “…and a pony.” Because if they’re asking for the impossible, why not ask for a pony? Everybody loves ponies!

Of course, sometimes people ask for something well beyond your average pony, so I figured that they could only be delivered by the Flying Magic Unicorn Pony, which became my shorthand for requests that stretched reality to the breaking point. Hint: if you say, “Google has this feature; why can’t we?” and you’re not spending a few million on your project, you are probably asking for something unrealistic.

Ultimately, however, these requests come because both clients and web developers get confused in trying to work with the other. So I’ve decided to help organizations that need web development services understand the process better so they can ditch the Flying Magic Unicorn Pony for a thoroughbred who leaps over hurdles like they’re not even there.

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